Are you ready to live your life at the highest vibrant energy?

This is a fast paced world we live in and emotions can run high, both negative and positive. What if you found a simple tool to help you maintain a happy emotional level? I have great news for you!

The Joyometer

Hi, my name is Karin Volo creator of the Joyometer. When I found myself in the downward spiral of life and pushing all my dreams away I knew something had to change, and fast.

I discovered that I could choose from fear or happiness every day. I could fear the worst of whatever would happen or I could focus on the love of my family and what I wanted to have. This simple mind shift opened the door for a flood of happiness to enter my life.

With the Joyometer you can...
  • Manage your emotions
  • Bring awareness to how you're feeling
  • Determine your emotional set point
  • Keep a positive frame of mind
With this Mood Management System you can learn to take control of your feelings and start attracting the things you desire in life. You will discover where your mood needs to be to bring more joy into your life.

The most powerful breakthrough I've ever had was....
You can change your emotion set point if you choose to!

My mission is to bring more joy into your life. I created this simple tool as a first step to get you started. You'll start to see improvement in your mood and emotionals once you start using it.

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